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MaEr was settled in the town of Dongfeng, and the town leaders came to seek strategies for common economic development
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On March 27th afternoon, the party committee member and deputy mayor Li Ruijun of Zhongshan Dongfeng Township , attended a meeting at Zhongshan MaEr Daily Products Ltd. and with Mr. NagenderArya (regional director of Wipro in East Asia, the Middle East and Africa), senior president Ms. Sara Li, financial director Mr. Ng KienSiong and production manager Mr. He Weixuan to discuss about the mutual economic development.


In the meeting, Mr.NagenderArya and Ms.Sara Li gave a detailed company background and status introduction to the township party committee member and deputy mayor of Zhongshan City, Dongfeng Township Li Ruijun, , providing the township leaders a comprehensive understanding of the company.




The township party committee member and deputy mayor of Zhongshan City, Dongfeng township Li Ruijun claimed that Dongfeng Township had been paying attention and providing supports to the development of the enterprise, it also welcomed foreign merchants to explore the business development opportunities in Dongfeng, to encourage more diversified investment to promote the economic development of Dongfeng. At the same time, he also stressed that if the enterprises would to encounter any difficulties in the process of development, they should reflect it to the township leaders and the government are willing to offer helps, providing enterprises a business environments which are stable and with tons of business opportunities.


Zhongshan MaEr Daily Products Ltd is located in Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province in China.It is a subsidiary of Wipro Group, specialized in personal care and household products manufacturing and sales.

MaEr successfully launched a comprehensive range of personal care high-quality products includes shower gel, shampoo, liquid soap, laundry detergent and other cleaning products to meet consumers’ needs.These are marketed under well-known brands such as Enear, Zici, Vcnic, Pahnli and Sunew.MaEr sales and marketing network operates across China mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia countries, offers high-quality products and services to consumers.


Zhongshan MaEr Daily Products Ltd. is located inDongfeng, filled up the foreign business investment gap in Dongfeng. In the future, Zhongshan MaEr will continue to focus on innovation development to improve the brand value, promoting local economic development while increasing the company market share to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

  About our cooperation--Wipro

The headquarters of Wipro Group, located in Bangalore, Indiahas presence in over 40 countries,with more than 170,000 employees.

Wipro Consumer Care, WLCC is part of Wipro Group, it currently operates across 18 countries presence in South Asia,Middle East, Africa and England.It’s manufacturing plants located in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. It also has the advanced R&D facility Labs set-up in India, China and Malaysia.

Wipro consumer care carries acomprehensive product portfolio including soap, perfume, personal care, baby care, health care, electronic equipment, homeand commercial lighting system as well asoffice furniture. Well-known international brands are Santoor, Chandrika, Glucovita, Enchanteur, Bio-essence, Romano and Yardley.