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Zhongshan MaEr Daily Products Ltd. a subsidiary of Wipro Group, specialized in personal care and household products.It manufactures and markets well-known brands like Enear, Zici, Vcnic, Pahnli and etc.

 Value-added Development

● We respect talents; we are desperate for talents; we discover talents; and we groom talents.

● We have a harmonize and passionate working atmosphere as well as benign competition environment, which provide a good platform for talents to    

   excel their abilities.

● We have perfect, effective and systematic training system and mechanism, paying attention to present and future potential capabilities and development

   of every employee.

● We have a hard-working, energetic, professional and innovative team, we work hand in hand, grow together to achieve our common goal.

● Innovation andvalue-added contribution as well as progression from every employee are the success of MaEr

Quality Experience

● We have a strong research department &manufacturing technology, continually developing high-quality products and optimizing manufacturing process;

● Our factories are ISO9001:2000 certified andour products conform to international advanced level;

● One of our top priority is to offer the best-quality products to our consumers, focusing on high-quality household and personal care products to meet

   consumers’ needs;

● Customer satisfaction, customer experience and health arethe key drivers for MaEr to deliver good quality products.

Win-Win Cooperation

● We have an efficient operation process, offering safe and quality products, reliable services and reasonable pricing structure;

● We are innovativein our product development, conduct extensive market research and streamline our management operation, We are committed to

   marketing practices to develop aperfect marketing network system;

● We have been adhering to "integrity" core values, adhere to the code of ethical conduct of "honesty& fairness”, and vigorously promoting customer


● Every customer's trust, profit and expansion are credibility of MaEr.